Its about choices whether you choose the self respect and dignity as your priority over money.

Today we are living in the era of corporates and open economy where we are open for trade but not for humanity. today everyone wants to earn more and more money. we want a big houses and cars. When we were close to trade and living in much more simpler society we were not money minded and more lean towards humanity.

But with this all-new culture, we forget that we are known as humans for a reason and only that reason makes us different than animals. But corporates and modern humans also faking the humanity with the name of CSR (corporate social responsibility). First, they sell you their products at high prices and earn a million dollars then they give 2% back out of that millions just because its compulsory by the government. People are gone too far but they learn how to make people fool with doing charities on screen.

I recently witnessed something while we are forgetting about humanity and doing anything to earn money even becoming the slaves to corporates lot of people still care about their self-respect and earn in a proper way no matter whatever the situation they are in. There are two types of people one is who earn by any way sometimes it’s begging also. but another kind of people are who believe in hard-earned money and even maintaining their dignity and self-respect.

Few days ago I was sitting outside the golden temple in the middle of the night and enjoying my tea. Suddenly I noticed, a lady with turban and with back support belt is selling the pens over the street and everyone is rich over there even if they are not rich they can buy a pen of 10 rupees. But everyone is busy spending money on buying nonsense things but no one care that someone is trying to survive and not using the easy way them begging or slaving for the money. Those people can spend thousands of rupees for watching patriotic movies and spend a lot of money on making those rich food chain making richer, but when there is real-time to show humanity or patriotism they are just standing and enjoying. So after finishing my tea, I went to give her some money.

“hey take this money,” I said while giving her money.

She gives me a pen for the money and I refuse to take those pens.

no, I don’t beg I sale pens if you want to help me take these pens than only I accept the money” she replied

I was so shocked that she is having so much self-respect alive inside her even in these circumstances. When people prefer begging I easy way to earn money she chooses self-respect over the easy way. Which is very rare these days. So I take those pens and give to nearby kids.

“hey I think you can drink a cup of tea,” I said

“yes that I can take ” she replied,

“why are you selling the pens on the street while having the back issues also,” I asked while giving her tea

“I was not always like that my family was broken apart by one accident. We were happy family my husband was a farmer and one day we both were in the car and my husband was driving when suddenly one young boy who was too fast lost the control and hit us. My husband died at the moment. I was hospitalized and my lower back was permanently damaged I can’t walk without support. I am having one 6 years kid to feed and I cannot work on the field. But also cannot beg on the street so I start selling pens to survive and feed my son. Because we don’t have anyone to feed us anymore.” She replied with tears in her eyes

Even I was having tears in my eyes to see her suffering and how hard she is pushing every day to survive after losing her partner. Life is never fair but she didn’t lose hope or quit. Today we see the student are doing suicide because of stress or failure in an exam. I cannot understand how someone can be in more stress than her.

When she could survive anyone can. After finishing her tea she just stands and started her work again and no one helps this kind of hardworking people because these we learn smart work, not hard work. I see this kind of hard-working people who are still living with dignity and self respect no matter how hard situation respect those because they are way much better than corporate slaves or beggars.

Take time to help them sometimes a small help can make a bigger difference. Try to find your humanity again because nothing is permanent with you rather than yourself so earn your own respect so that you can face yourself in the mirror. To all those youngsters who this over speeding is a thrill but understand it kills that youngster for fun destroy 3 lives for forever. A kid had to live without his father and grow up in poverty because of him. There is no redemption or forgiveness for a crime like that.


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