Relationship is mostly based on fake feelings these days

These days love is so cheap that people can start feeling it over the Instagram chat box. I cannot understand the love these days , for loving someone you need to understand another person that’s why the relationships are not working these days.

people are more focus on having the relationship no matter they understand other person or not but they want to show others that they can also have a girl/boy and they are so cool . but in this process of being cool they hurt someone else feeling .

They cannot understand because its always some stupid reason behind ending of that relationship but the reality is from the very beginning you were not in love that all was your time pass but because of your fucking show off or being cool you destroyed another person feelings . you have to understand you are turning a good person into asshole because you were not sure about your feeling and then you complain that this world is full of assholes .but your kind of people are the one who is making the assholes at first place .

These days girls want money ,they want servant who can help them in roaming here to there and be with them in there night outs so that they can enjoy safely but the thing is they don’t really care about those boys feeling . so stop complaining that all boys are same or all boys are dogs . you are the one who fake your feelings and make boys like that no one is born asshole .

Mind my words because when we do same what you did with us than you have issues with all-male society . isn’t it the gender biases . actually yes it is gender biases yes I have issues with females . because they have talent to make boys fool doesn’t meant we cannot do same .now its time for you to suffer same what you make others suffer.

so stop hiding behind the feminism and victim face . you are not victims actually you are the double face masterminds and hiding behind the victim face . society teach us girls are weak and they are molested and harassed by males . but come on society this is another century where girls are the molesters and they are harassing other but still they take advantage because our society and our law still see these girls as a victims .Here we have to change the way to see the society.

if these girls want equality in society be equally responsible . why a man is responsible for women . if we are equal then there will be not single gender is responsible for other . you can take care of yourself .  so next time you fuck with someones feelings or life, be careful you are equal now we can also do same . we are done with feelings now you will get what you deserve .


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