The thing is love happens when we least require it and ended when we require it most. When we let yourself feel for others, they left you behind to rot in your own made hell full of guilt without a single moment of hope. That pain breaks you badly and it took so long to be normal again . Especially when the person became the motive of your life. everyone said life is beautiful but reality is totally opposite actually life is the bitch who always barks you back at your happiest times.

I was also enjoying one of happiest moments and never expected that life is going to fuck everything again like always. First time at all I was thinking life is so simple and beautiful but I was totally wrong there is nothing simple and beautiful about life. Everything about life is full of tricks and darkness.

We always think the devil is evil and angels are a good spirit but that’s the wrong perception in reality angels are evil who calms you with fake hopes and play his lame tricks to break you again and again like toys but in another hand the devil is always hurt you with truth or reality of your sins and guilt to make you better or punish for it. So ultimately devil is not evil at all.

I was so into her that living without her is like not possible. But whenever I tried to remember about the stupid excuse. I feel like laughing. I am left with only 2 months in the university which is going to give unimaginable pain and this will going to be the longest 2 months of my life. I don’t remember asking for the love at first place but still, our roads come together for being diverted once again.

I am having a hard time to accept that how everything is changed over a single day and why she hides the truth from me actually there is obvious explanation that the lie is for protecting me but is it really protected or ended up causing me the double pain. I don’t have words to express the pain and anger but still, I am writing this because writing down things helps when you left with no one to talk about shit. This isn’t new for me I go through this process once already. I don’t how much time it will take this time because this shit is stronger than before.

It was my mistake I let my guard down and became vulnerable that’s why someone dares to hurt me so I am not able to blame anyone rather than myself for fucking my own happy life. It is seriously hard to trust a girl because after this much love an attachment she won’t able to stay then no one is going to stay everything is temporary and designed to mess your mind. All promises are fake just to use you for their own selfish shit.

No one cares for the person who left alone behind so don’t be a weak person whom other can use and left behind. being a good person only brings you pain but there should be balance and its time to return the favour back to society with the providing false hope, pain and promises. After doing this react as we care for those who are left behind. 


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