What is triggering the suicidal tendencies or depression in youngsters?

Today world is being attracted toward the foreign culture and civilization. which is actually for the betterment of human life but somehow these big concepts of civilization and globalisation fade the bounding between the humans. Everyone is connected over the social platforms, but in reality, they don’t even know each other that, what other person is going through.

This suicide is very common with students these days in all over the world. Somehow the society and the family is also responsible for the triggering suicidal tendencies because they push the teenagers too much. Just for the society sake, parents want their children to do what everyone is doing and obviously noone asking the children what they actually want.

Society even plays a very important role because everyone teaches us that there is no place in society for the person who fails in an attempt to get the fucking piece of paper. A piece of paper does not justify that the person is a loser or winner. The day society stops judging the people on the basis of the education rather than skills and knowledge the suicide rate will befall drastically.

I had one friend from Bihar state, who is actually pretty close to me and we used to hangout a lot. he was pretty good with numbers and his numerical grades were very high so, he was gifted. But he was having an issue with the English language so, the theory exams were a bit hard for him and his grades of theory subjects were low. He was in stress because of that. Few days ago his girlfriend cheated on him. He started acting an introverted from that day. He stopped talking to me also. I called him 2 days ago and asked to come over my place for drinks rather than coming he asked me to come to his place . But when I reached there his door was open and his mobile was there with a letter.

hey mom and dad, I am sorry it has to be end this way but I am done with fighting this impossible fight to be a person, you always want me to be. I am sorry I failed you. How can I survive knowing that I failed to be graduate and fulfil your dreams? Please don’t cry dad and take care of mom also, I am gone because my failure would cost you embarrassment in the society. In very last few days, there was no one with whom I can share about all this shit. But sorry I failed you.   ”

I just finished reading his letter and heard a sound that he jumped from the balcony, the sound of a human body hitting the ground is terrible then you are not able to think. Especially when it’s your best friend who hit the ground. I run to save him, but he was already dead. Next day was his birthday and his parents were on the way to surprise him. But he surprised them after landing.

It’s impossible to forget those images of the person lying dead on the ground who use to be your best friend. Hearing the sound of his flesh hitting the ground rather than his laugh is miserable. No one can ever able to fill the gap I feel without him. Maybe if I would have tried little hard to save him. he could be alive today. People come and go but few people are special and you never able to learn to live without them, he was that kind of friend.

We cannot able to understand what others are going through. But if you found someone around you suffering try to help them. Show some sympathy to others because sometimes that only thing can save that person life. But the majority of individuals are suffering from depression and they don’t have anyone to talk and who can show them some care.

If we are accepting foreign culture than why not accepting that depression is also a critical illness which kills humans. In India, we are so casual about depression and there no proper counselling for depression. This illness can make you go crazy. This is time to give recognition to mental illness also and provide proper facilities to treat these kinds of illness.

The individual who commits the suicide didn’t die alone there are his/her parents and other loved ones who lost their hope for living so suicide not only kills one person it destroys families like a deadly virus. So don’t be a coward and never quit fighting. Fight for yourself and for your family. Because your parents didn’t raise you to buried you one day. Your family sacrifice a lot of things to raise you so your family is worthy of fighting till your last breath.

Sometimes we feel there is no other way rather than ending your life. But there is always another way just need to try hard in finding that other way.

Keep note of these symptoms around you or in your loved ones because it’s maybe late for my friend but you can save your friends.

Symptoms of depression


If you see these symptoms in yourself or around you in your loved one’s let’s try something to help them so that with small steps we can save our generation from dying one by one. Because these youngsters are the future of our generation.

If you need help contact us.

we are available 24/7 to help our generation.


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