Humans are the reason for humanity standing at the verge of extinction

Its been 24 years on earth and I still question my existence. Because I  didn’t understand life properly yet. Life actually works on a complex mechanism. I don’t believe that humans are born without any purpose. Everyone has their own purposes to fulfil. I believe there is a final destination for everyone so no matter which way you choose your story ends on its final destination.

Life is actually shaped by our own decisions over time. Most of the people believe that life is shaped by god. But God has given us a brain to think and shape our own life. Having faith is good but humans are using their faith for believing that God is responsible for everything happening in their life and that’s totally wrong. Humans are accountable for making their own living hell.

God had created a beautiful place and handover that place to humanity for taking care and see what we did with that one of the most beautiful and precious creations of God. God has one plan for everyone and he put us on earth to fulfil that purpose. But here on earth, we distracted ourself with lust. I don’t believe gods plan include making a lot of money and ruining the beautiful nature.

Over time humanity started believing they are moving toward the development but this idea of development making us blind. In the name of development, we destroy forests. Is there big buildings and factories are going to give us oxygen to survive. If there is no oxygen how can you survive and do you believe money will help you to survive on the planet without oxygen? We are our own enemies. We created global warming, scarcity of groundwater, overpopulation and deforestation on this planet and now we are in search of another planet to destroy.

Humans need to understand that if we don’t start understanding the meaning of life one day the resources will be finished and we ourself vanish the life from the earth. humans are at the verge of extinction. Every single individual has to understand their role in saving the planet.

Let’s join hands toward saving the planet from our own kind and try to make earth liveable for a few more years so that our next generation can also able to see the beauty of nature.

Stop running for money and start thinking about the planet too the big factories and big profits are only gone to make things worst.

The whole corporate world stands upon the sustainability strategies because they want to survive in the market for the longer term and to gain continuous profit from their product and services.

But my question from corporate is “if the planet is gone where you gona planning for the longer term?”

Corporates are exploiting the resources for the profit purposes from years. Isn’t their responsibility to save the market and society who plays a major role in their sustainability strategies.

Humans still have time to understand what is most important for them and recognize the real purpose of their life. Which is not destroying our planet.


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