Every human being contains darkness inside themselves which I triggered by emotional disturbance when a person can’t control his or her emotional state. The darkness infects the personal thoughts and emotions in a negative way and slowly completely change the person.

Darkness is like a self-made prison where the person locks down his good side and the self-hatred is working as a prison guard who doesn’t let the person out of the prison. All guilt and regret torture the person until the good person is broken and have gone forever.

One I was too in this deep shit when self-hatred and the anger take over my thought process and my emotions. So everything was negative and there is the whole world look like black and white so there is so negative that I can’t take decisions of mine because of regrets and guilts I was feeling.

But the thing is darkness look like too strong until unless the light comes into the picture. Because that strong darkness just disappears with even slight light. So there is just a need to find the light to make the darkness go away.

When I was in darkness and regretting of every single bad decision I have taken. There was someone who entered my life at the right time and became the light in my life which help me to understand that darkness is not a solution for anything. It’s just an easy way to escape the problems.

But the reality is you can’t escape from your problem. It always follows you no matter how far you went its always behind you. But because of taking darkness as an escape route on the way you make a lot of new problems and this keep getting worse until you die.

So the darkness is always a choice whether to choose coward way out with darkness or choose the warrior way out with positivity and fight in your life to raise better so you that your life will stay peaceful until your last breath.

If you feel stuck inside the darkness find your light as I did earlier. but the best solution is to light within yourself because can’t be trusted these days. Sometimes the person you considered as a light in your life push you into more darkness. So better to find the light within yourself.

Because human being contains darkness and light within themselves at the same time so it all depends upon which side is having more effect on your psychological conditions. So better be the positive thinker and believer to live a peaceful life.


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