There are different stages of life we go through and every time we transform from one stage to another help us to grow and become more mature to handle the responsibilities and be a better person in life. But sometimes the transformation is so hard that it maybe bring depression within itself.

There is the best stage of life is when we are the students. The life without so much of worries and responsibilities. We are more socialized and habitual of being with other humans who we call friends mostly. But when we went out of campus things changed so drastically.

The first thing we see is people start changing with responsibilities they started being more fucking means than they actually were before so intentionally or unintentionally they start hurting others who always use to reply on them and inspired them once.

There are always two types of people one is emotional who are taking decision with emotional prospects and others are the smart humans who don’t let their emotions cloud their judgements. So most of the time second kind of humans are the one who hurts the first kind of people.

This transformation hurt the emotional person mostly who use to connect themselves in the bounding with others so easily that the transformation of the change brings hurt them the most. Humans are the very versatile species which change their behaviour with the situation.

Few people call it the survival instincts and few call it natural transformation to hide the mean nature of humanity. But whenever the choice comes I or you everyone is going to chose i. so why don’t stop impressing others in life and accept them no one is permanent everyone will find the excuse one day to leave you. Because that human nature you can’t expect someone to resist it.

Because everything is acceptable when you don’t accept the facts we started making another universe of ourself. Where everything is fine and everyone loves you. So slowly you start believing that only that world is real which leads you to depression and ultimately cost you your life.

If you want the survive and live a healthy long life throughout all the stages of life you have to start accepting the facts and learn how to survive alone under any situation. Because you came and you are going to die alone only. Everything else is a fake.

The hardest part is transforming from student stage to corporate stage because everything we learn and see while being a student is going to prove wrong by corporate. Our education system and their slaves show us only good about corporate then who is hell is going to prepare us for the worst of the corporate.

The insult we are going to face inside the corporate life and the drastic stress increase is the things they should teach us. But believe the crap they were teaching us from the books are not gone help us reach anywhere but on the street. So we have to learn everything with experience and forget everything they teach us in all those years. Because all of that was crap from a big crap book.

Time is changing so fastly and drastically all the credits goes to globalization and the trade we are doing these days. There was a time when humans were controlling the money and luxuries. But these days money and luxuries are controlling humanity and which makes us meaner than before and we are full of greed now. The day is not far away when our greed and hunger will extinct us from the face of the earth.

Everyone should ask themselves the question of why we are doing what we are doing today. Is running this race of money is worthy of sacrificing the relationship with other humans and sacrificing themselves? Isn’t it the game which we are just playing no one even won yet. Everyone plays and dies?


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