Every person has some memories which keep haunting them there entire life. It didn’t matter that memory is for a happy moment or sad. You past always remind you the best time you had and it’s gone for forever and the person you use to be but lost within the time.

I too have a memory which keeps haunting me from my past it was not a long memory but a small few moments with her is keep coming back and its like loop where I stuck and can’t able to find a way out of it. Everyday living the same memory is painful and it changes you.

“Its 12 o clock in the night and I can still hear the sound of DJ playing at distance the bass pumping up. The wind was having magic within it and I can feel that magical night. She slowly leans toward my shoulder. I can feel her breathing near my neck and she was on my shoulder sleeping like a kid.

I never feel so peaceful and didn’t want that moment to pass. Because I like being with her at that moment forever. But we couldn’t control time no matter how hard we try. I spend the next 30 min watching her sleeping on my shoulder.

She is the most beautiful and innocent thing I have ever seen in my life. She makes me feel responsible and I want to do something for her. I want to be worthy of her. So after some time, I decided to wake her up.

It was almost 1 o clock in the morning and its time to go back to our places because DJ sound is disappeared in this magical night but somehow I want to make her awake because no one knows I ever able to be with her like that or not.

So I waited till 1 o clock and then ask her to join me in the MORNING WALK. She was in sleep and couldn’t even stand properly so I hold her in my arms and make her walk with me. It cold wind blowing because of the winter season and when it hits her she comes more close to me.

Because of winter its Fog everywhere so, the visibility was so low that we couldn’t see others. I feel like there is no one other the both of us in this world and that was mixed feeling part of it were romantic and part of it were peaceful and we keep walking in the fog without visibility.

Somehow I believe she too feels the same way. She holds my hand in her and now she was walking ok but she wants me to still hold her while walking. We both were silent no one was saying anything but we both can feel the love for each other.

Finally we reach somewhere near the tea stall and we sit and have tea in morning 1:30 it was the best tea I can ask for. We were sitting at wooden table with facing each other and there was very strong eye contact. We were talking a lot of things but without words. Maybe the things I wanted to tell her were never possible to explain in words.

But everything is having to end like that our night also comes to end and we reached her place almost at 2 o clock in the morning. It was the time for goodbyes I don’t know how but at that time also I know that maybe this will be last night for us to be together. So I just don’t want to let her go so easily.

She was standing at the staircase of her apartment and I was in front of her holding her hand. She said “let me go now” but I was not ready to let her go so I keep holding her hand and she too feels that thing.

Suddenly she comes close to me and kissed me and that was so sudden and unexpected that I froze there for second and she took advantage and separate her hand from my hand and went inside the apartment.

 I keep standing there for hours and couldn’t understand what actually happened? And she was just gone.

After that morning walk with her, everything changed in my life and she still has an influence on me. Its been years now but the night keep haunting me and I was living in loop from last so many years spending the same night again an again.

I don’t even know what she felt was real or not? and where she went after that? and why she never came back? and why she never tell me reason of coming close and abandoning me between nowhere?

It’s very hard to live your entire life with having lot of question but there is no way you can find the answers to those questions.

But I never lost the hope that one day our path will cross again and I will ask her for the answers. So one day.


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