Why the Transgenders are not considered as a part of the perfect world and aren’t it what made us the trans-phobic society?

Lets first understand the actual meaning of the transgender because the majority of people don’t know the meaning of transgender still contributing the trans-phobic society. There are two concepts of being recognized in society, one is gender and another is sex. The thing was simple there was male and female with the same-sex, but the thing got ugly when the gender and sex mixed up.

Then the third gender comes in recognition as a transgender with the different gender and sex. So from the very beginning of this concept, they considered as a third gender and never considered as a part of normal society. They were abandoned by society to rot in hell on earth.

But in the very start of the recognition of this third gender thing were not complicated as they are now. They use to occupy some of the important places in society as politicians and the king’s advisors. But with time things got harder for them. Now they are just exploited by the other two genders.

The trans people struggle starts from childhood their parents abandon them and they even refuse for the basic education. Most of the jobs are also not available for them so they are forced to work as a sex worker, begging and dance in wedding to earn their livings. Our society treats them like garbage who meant to be outside of society.

We are living in a democratic country where everyone is equal and have a few rights. In our country, in the 9th book teaches us we have few democratic rights.




There is more right like educational and cultural right, but isn’t the meaning of all these rights is every single human inside the country is equal and no discrimination should be done on the basis of colour, caste and race.

These rights also ensure that every person is free to choose their path and free to choose, however they want to live their life within the legal terms.

Rights also ensure that if any kind of exploitation of rights or freedom is going on within the country should be stopped immediately.

But this democratic country, even makes the problem worse for the Transgenders when they consider them as some abnormal species. But they should be considered as fellow humans. They also have all the right.

We humans can’t control the way we are, so why the society punishing the community of humans for being the transgender like they have a choice and they choose to be a Transgenders.

Normally we are considered ourself as religious people and we worship God with pure intention and even considered everything on earth is a gift from God to humanity. If that’s the truth, then the Transgenders are also god creation and they have their own purpose of existence. So who we are to question the god’s creation.

Life is already very hard and struggling for the Transgenders so let’s don’t make humans like more miserable its already are. They are different because God made them that way. So let just try to bring the wave of change and accept them also the part of our diversified society. So that they can’t be exploited any more in society.

We should help our fellow humans by providing them with jobs in our workplace and consider them the same with our other employees. We should not discriminate or reject them in educational and medical institutes because it’s fundamental right to get these facilities.

Lets together make our world equal and peaceful for every soul on earth. Because it’s our place so we ourself should make efforts to make our place peaceful.

Let’s make living for everyone who deserves.


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