It is a wonderful place at the Jalandhar-Amritsar highway near Rayya with the excellent ambience. We can able to see the kind of investment is done on the infrastructure. But when we start talking about the restaurants and café the infrastructure and the ambience are always the second thing to consider. First is how is the taste of the food in that place. 

When we talk about the taste, MR PIZZERIAA offers fast food as well as the main course with the option of veg and non-veg. But the way they handle both the section separately is admirable. They have a good crowd, especially on weekends and they even offer the home delivery. Which I will not suggest to you.

Let us talk about whether spending your valuable money is worth it or not.

la roma tandoori chicken salad

If we started talking about the good stuff they offer, then I wanted to recommend you their range of veg and non-veg salads. They are actually worth buying. The ingredients and the dressing is into the mark. As I am a non-veg person so most I like the quality of chicken they used in the la Roma tandoori chicken salad. But the chicken fries salad is an exception with bad quality of ingredient they used the fried chicken in salad. I will not suggest the fried chicken salad.

Their pizza range is also impressive, but I would recommend you to only go to the premier range of pizza’s because the low-cost pizzas are not satisfied their ingredients are also not up to the mark. So try their premier range for better taste.

hazelnut cappuccino

Another thing I will recommend you to try is their exquisite range of coffee. They offer a few popular flavors like hazelnut, mocha and latte. Even the black coffee is up to mark. But the only issue with the coffee is that they are handmade they don’t have the coffee maker at the moment, but the taste and flavor will let you ignore that. But not only the coffee there are other beverages like the mojito, shakes and ice tea, which I find little costly and not satisfactory.

hot chicken pasta

If we talk about what stuff in fast food I don’t recommend to try is the pasta and sandwich. I tried it once, but the usage of sauces is excessive. Which makes it taste pathetic and I regret of tasting pasta and sandwiches from the Mr pizzeriaa. So I will suggest you to never make the same mistake like I do and never try pasta from there.

Let us talk about the main course which is available in Mr pizzeria. They are having a good variety in veg and non-veg main course which is impressive and I tried few items they are worth eating. Especially the chicken rara and paneer items in veg are up to mark. But the main set back in the main course is the overly priced main course. When we have a couple of different options in main course nearby I found Mr pizzeria is very aggressive with their price. So if you want good food in decent pricing which not shake your wallet, then Mr pizzeria is not for you.

Now let us talk about the ambience so I would say that in all neighborhood Mr pizzeriaa is having the best ambience with supporting and polite staff which add lots of value to this restaurant. This is the reason I use to spend lots of time there because of their ambience and staff.

But rather than this I have some bad experience with their home delivery service twice. I suffer because of their bad service once my pizza was ruined and another time I notice there is a quality difference in what they offer in dining and what they offer at-home delivery. So I prefer walk-in rather than ordering food at home.



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