Inside hunger’s bite

Hunger bite is the new one in the town with some kind of familiar menu items. It is situated near hdfc bank Rayya branch with cozy setup of siting. Which makes it perfect for the couples and friends get together. As there has been a lot many competitors already in town they are a bit late but let us hope that they something better than other competitors. As I last reviewed the MR PIZZERIAA and they are direct competitors of hunger’s bites.

So, I am visiting the place from last weeks frequently for observing and tasting their offerings. So I can say they have set a specific mark for other competitors. They entered with fast food only and they are doing good with their fast food orientation and the ambience is pretty nice. The music system and choice of song are also amazing.

Let us review their food either its worth spending money or not?

Hunger’s bite offers the veg and non-veg under the category of burgers, pizza, sandwich, pasta, wrap and salads. I tried all the category and they did a great job in serving the delicious quality food, I will not say the extraordinary, but pretty decent quality of food you can enjoy in hunger’s bite.

Tandoori chicken pasta

The First thing I love about hunger’s bite is their pasta. Finally, after having that pathetic pasta from last place. They again make me the pasta lover with their special pasta range I especially recommend the tandoori chicken pasta. Which they make with almost perfect tandoori sauce. For the vegetarian readers go for the red sauce pasta, but for enjoying the more out of pasta go for mix veg pasta. I can assure one thing after trying pasta from there you will visit again and again just for pasta only.

Another thing I like is their burger range. They have a decent menu of burgers, but less than what other competitors offer in town. But still in that small menu they have done some notable work in presentation and taste. Even the price of their offering is cheaper than others in town. Their hunger’s bite special burger in both category veg and non-veg is pretty appealing. I recommend you taste those once.

veg pizza

I have tried their pizza and I am impressed with chef’s special pizza, but the downside is that they don’t have oregano and chili flakes just yet, so I kind of miss that while enjoying my pizza in home delivery. I will not say that pizza is extraordinary because they are almost identical to another competitor. But if you are a cheese lover then hunger’s bite pizza is perfect for you.

The sandwich and wrap category is best in all offerings. Because all the other competitors are offering less quality and taste at high prices. But you can have better quality and taste in hunger’s bite with spending lesser. So I assume everyone like the better quality and taste in cheap price. That’s why these categories are the star categories in their menu and I even enjoying having wraps and sandwiches.

hazelnut cappuccino

Let’s talk about the beverage range of Hunger’s bite. I will say that the taste and the quality of coffee, tea, shakes and mocktails are pretty decent but the quantity is not sufficient. Because I have been trying coffee from every brand available out from Starbucks to café coffee day. But the hunger’s bites coffee quantity is disappointing. So they feel like overcharged also because of less quantity.

Last, I want to talk about is their salad range they have only a few options in salad and also I am not satisfied with the chicken they used in the salad. I gave them feedback about that and they were working on that but they use pretty good chicken in pasta but in salad chicken was not good. But at the same time the vegetarian salad is pretty decent in presentation and taste. So I recommend trying their vegetarian salad because they did a decent job in vegetarian part.


I would say they are offering pretty decent food with the delicious taste in a few of the categories, but whenever you try maybe you feel the quantity issue in beverages and sometimes in salads also. But other categories are worthy of spending money so I suggest you go and try Hunger’s bite with your family for once.


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