I have listened this couple of times “Once you killed someone than some part of your soul also died with it” but never understand what it actually means until it exactly happens to me. After her death, even no one was blaming me rather than her parents, but my consciousness is blaming myself for the murder of innocent souls. Her parents were rich people so they hire the private firm to investigate me and found some hard proof to link me for murder. This bad publicity was helping the university to promote me as their controversial fighter. Because everyone one fucking love controversies.

But the only problem with living the life full of controversies and scandals is that sometimes things got ugly and that’s what was happening in my life. Private investigators were following me everywhere and my own apartment was bugged. Even my phone lines were tapped. I know doing all of those were illegal without a warrant. But no one fucking cares about the law anymore. I was controlling myself to beat the shit out of those investigators. Because I am already at a radar of police. The only good thing left in life was the university and fighting for it.

But I started screwing that also like I screwed everything else in my miserable life. My university was having a strict policy of not fighting outside the ring. But I started fighting others outside ring. I got a few warnings from the university. But things went worst from bad on the night of match in February of 2020. At that time, even police started following me because I filed charges against them. Now I was followed by two separate organizations and I started feeling so frustrated like there is no private space left for me.

On the day of the match I was excited to be in the ring and for fight. Fighting was making me feel alive. While on the way to fight a car just stopped in front of me. There were 3 guys look like cops, but without uniform. They grab me out of my car and threaten to kill me if I didn’t take back my charges against police officers. One of them hit me with a right hook punch. They left me on the road knocked out. Now I wanted to make them pay for it. I was done being afraid of everything and listening to others what the fuck I need to do.

I reach the stadium and I was too silent. Everyone there was cheering for me. But all I wanted was to fight back, so I just enter the ring and didn’t even wait for the fight to begin. I directly go to the opposite corner and started punching my opponent. Others try to stop me, first it was the referee and then coaches. But I started punching them too. I was totally out of control. They had to knock me out for controlling me.

After that when I woke up tied up with the chair and the chairman of my university was standing there and he was looking angry like.

“You son of a bitch, you are done now. I was covering for you from long time, but this time you cross the line. There are a couple of people having stitches and the opponent is in hospital. Even the referee is having the injuries because of the fall and you did this in front of the whole audience. Now I can’t save you and you are on your own. I and expelling you from university and banning you from boxing as the authority of boxing commission. You put my university reputation at stake now I will fuck your whole career” chairman saying while shouting and holding my collar.

“Listen what you asshole thinks you can destroy me. Actually, you cannot do that asshole. You can expel me, but I am going out of here on my own term. I am myself leaving you asshole. Screw you and screw your university and its boxing. I can be better without you assholes.” I replied in attitude.

He called the police already they arrested me for a fight and this time there was no one to defend me against the police department and they were already finding the reason to put me behind the bars. Just now they have got their golden opportunity. I was behind the bars and that night they beat me like hell so that I can break but I didn’t. So they keep beating me behind the bar. Until I was presented in front of the court. In court judge feel like it was the boxing match gone wrong and that is not enough to put my ass in prison. That judge was going to regret this decision his whole life.

I got out with internal injuries and broken ribs. Judge believed those were from the fight, but they were from beating. I was not in good shape and now I wanted to be strong again for taking the revenge from the system and university for screwing me like that. But when I reach my apartment it was issued to someone else by the university and I had no claim on it because it was provided by the university. Now I was at a street without a roof on my head and without food in my stomach.

I was starving and the people who use to cheer for me they are passing me like I never existed. That day I saw the real picture of the world. Here either you are strong and powerful or you are no one. I wanted to stand again and show these assholes and I still got it, but without food living with injures on street consumed all my energy. I can’t even stand, but I know this is not ending of my story. There is still lot pending. I have to survive to make everyone pay.

I decided that time after everything happened.

“If I survive these people gone regret that, why I didn’t die? And why they didn’t kill me when they still have the chance?. Because my come back will be very dangerous and my wrath will destroy lot of things. A lot of people are going to be hurt and they will suffer the consequences of their choices. I will be their karma and will be coming back soon to punish them. Wish that you never cross my path. Now it is mine turn to screw the law.”

While I was laying on the side of bench with long beard and messy hair. I started looking like beggars. While my eyes were almost closed, I have seen angel walking toward me, that was the moment I know I am gone survive. 


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