She was no angel because there is no angels or demons in reality. It is just human beings fucking with each other heads with stories of angels and demons. We are the one and only here so there no hope that someone else can save us or destroy us. There are always two choices, either to be good or be bad. But it was too late for me. I had already chosen my path to be the demon of others life. Surviving was never been this interesting yet because things are going to be much fun.

When I was there at roadside there was a group of NGO workers who were working to save the homeless individuals dying on the streets without food and clothes. Now I am the homeless too. I was almost at the edge, but still smiling because I know this will be better for the community if I just die. I hear a voice from a distance.

“Hey guys, check this man is dying here, come help him. Check his pulse and give him something to eat. Cover him with a blanket he is freezing.” Ngo worker telling other workers while treating me

“Let me fucking die. It will be better for all of you.” I said while losing my senses

When I again open my eyes it was at some kind of camp and that NGO worker was sitting next to me reading a book. She was an attractive blonde with beautiful eyes. But I was only interested in slipping away from there, so I keep acting being out of senses. But at night I carefully stole some clothes and food while slipping away from those NGO camps.

Now it was time to take back what is mine, first of all, I want my home back. So I started following the person living inside my house. He was another asshole from the university. A star rugby player, who is very precious to the university like I was once. It was time for university starts feeling what I felt. One night when he was sleeping peacefully in my bed, I kidnapped him.

But he was not sufficient to make the university and especially the chairman to feel helpless. Because he is replaceable like me, So after locking him to a safe place I follow the chairman and when I know where he lives and where his boy goes for schooling. I kidnapped his son too. That had some leverage against the university and the chairman. So it was time to start playing my cards.

“Hey asshole, remember me, your star player whom life you ruined. I have a deal to offer you. ” I told the chairman at the call

“Are you gone mad? Why do you think I ever on earth will accept anything you offer? I thought last time they didn’t beat you well.” The Chairman replied

“Choose your words carefully son of a bitch. One wrong word is enough to piss me off and that will cost you the life of your son.”I told him

“You are just bluffing. It’s impossible for you to ever reach my kid,” he replied

“Do you want to see your kid in a body bag, parcelled to your place,” I told him while sending him the picture of his kid and the other man tied to a chair.

Now he was starting to take me seriously, so this was time to make demands from the chairman.

“You have to reinstate me into university and in boxing committee with providing me full pardon and give me back my all the perks provided by the university and then you have to resign from your position if you ever wanted to see your kid. I can motivate you to hear me, with killing this other man in my possession then maybe you start considering it as a serious threat and you have to cover his murder also. Because, you see we humans don’t take things seriously without good motivation, so I am going to give you one hell of big motivation. If you involve anyone like the police or university, in that case, your boy will die a slow death with miserably suffering.” I asked him

While making the demands I was shooting the video of murdering rugby player with my knife. I had cut open his throat slowly that he can feel the soul going away from his miserable body. It was the first time I killed someone and it felt so fucking good. This can make them free from suffering and pain, so it was for their benefit and I decided to free a lot of humans. I was feeling like a god while controlling human life.  I made him choke on his own blood and sat there watching him dying. That was incredible  That was the best motivation for the chairman I can provide to comply with me.

He completed his side of the bargain, so I invited him in the warehouse to take his boy home. But I had other plans for him. Because this was just the beginning of my plan. He did wrong with me and I couldn’t let him live. He had to die. I promised myself to punish them, so when he reached the warehouse he had a surprise waiting for him. He died because of warehouse collapse on him. I was there watching him dying too. Yet he had survived the collapse somehow. It was a miracle. But I put an iron rod inside his head. Because everything starts in head so I cracked open his head. Because I had total control.

It was a tragic accident and with this, the university lost one of their finest soldiers. But it was a victory for me, so I sent his boy home because I was not a psychopath. I was back at university with my home and reputation back. So this was a nice start but not sufficient to make me satisfied. The university was still standing and they have to fall. There is a plan in motion which would be the reason for the university destruction and I had to be free more souls from suffering and pain.

But there has been a lot of new stories started on the way, an NGO worker was approaching me.  She was curious to know my story and why I wanted to die and how a homeless person who was dying on road ended up in such a nice apartment and then there is a local drug dealer were approaching me for working with him after knowing how I handle the chairman. So I set up a meeting with both of them because they would be the most important players of my game and even they had never understood how they got played in this all mess.

First, she comes to my place for my story and I create a hell of a story full of shit to make her fall for me and feel sympathetic because now I am the narrator of my fucking story, so I can create or destroy anything. She and her NGO are having a good influence in the almost whole nation and I was planning to use that so, I want her in my pocket and I was sleeping with her. But she had no clue that she was a part of the bigger plan here.

Then the drug dealer has approached me and we made a deal I can make a good distribution channel inside the university and give him a lot of potential customers which can ensure the substantial growth in his sales. That asshole also falls for my bait and we were in an arrangement for mutual benefit, where he was in believing that he is having the benefit out of this alliance. I had started dealing drugs inside university under the nose of management. They were clueless about the demon rising from the ashes to destroy their world.  I had become unstoppable over the time span. There was a huge cash inflow out of my arrangement with drug dealer which eventually was making my plan moving quickly to the conclusion.


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