The world is a complicated place to live and there are a lot of ways to make yourself successful. But there is always the price to pay for success. No matter how many people you heard talking about shit like hard work pay off. Yes, it pays off, but, after a long time. But if you want to be successful soon you have to be ready to pay the price. Because success is not cheap to buy. It is my time to pay the price because I tried a shitty way of hard-working and things went sideways. But I cannot wait my whole life to be successful. I think I deserve some kind of peace.

I am Paul and I migrated to America 5 years ago with the perfect American dream to be rich and successful. I had a specialized education in banking, so I started working as an investment banker in las Angeles. But within the time period of 5 years, I understand that with working my ass off I just earned living in las Angeles. But then I started finding the other options for me.

One day I was working with one of the wealthiest clients and we were investing a huge amount of money. We were in their mansion working on the deal. When he got a call and everyone started running around and they asked me to wait inside. I listen to the helicopter sound and then I got suspicious about everything. I can’t be in between, this mess because this can ruin my career. I tried to escape, but the F.B.I busted me.

I was blindfolded and it was so horrible how they were treating me. I tried to talk, but no one was ready to talk with me. After a long ride to some mysterious place. They finally ready to talk and there were 3 federals officers with scary faces staring at me like I am the criminal.

“Hey, what the hell is going on and why I am here?” I asked

“Shut the hell up and just answer our questions only. Here you have no right to ask anything.” That scary guy replied to me while punching me in the face

That was the first time I was punched by someone. My whole life was peaceful and simple, so never been punched before.

“Where the hell is your boss?” He asked me

“I have no boss. I am investment broken in my own firm. So there is no boss.” I replied

“Oh! So, now you are trying to protect the person who left you in his mansion with a pile of evidence to rote behind in jail for a lifetime. When he flew out of the country.” He replied

“If you are talking about Fibonacci. He was not my boss and he is having the legit business and I am his investment broker and only work was investing his money for better payback.” I replied

Then they show me pieces of evidence and they are so much enlightening about the Fibonacci family. They were a Russian based mafia family with the link most powerful bratwas in Russia and I was not investing the legit money. Its all was money laundering syndicate and I just stuck in the centre of the Russian mafia and F.B.I.

They put on black hole sight and torture me every day for the next few months. When they realize I am genuine they just think it is better to ruin my life to cover up their mistake. So they hand over me to the local police and put my name in the record of involvement with Russian mafia money laundering. They put me behind the bars and after 6 months, finally judge rules, there is a lack of evidence.

I was out almost after a year with a police record. Even before I was earning my living. The government shuts down my firm and my license was suspended. So I was forced to work as a cab driver or a waiter in restaurants. Slowly all the things include my house and my car is gone because I cannot afford to pay money anymore. So the bank ceases, everything. I was broken badly and starting consuming drugs to ease my life.

I understand my career in America Is finished now I cannot do shit here anymore with a police record. I was hardly earning my food. So now I started again finding another option. Because hard work is blown off, but if there is still a way to start over I have to find it. So after so long research of months. I found something.

There is mention of one island somewhere in pacific ocean nearby Columbia. Which is situated in international waters and it is out of the jurisdiction of any country. There is no law or police. All the most wanted criminals and the mafia are living there protecting each other from outside laws and forces to enter. Over the years, governments try to invade the island but drastically failed. The mafia has its own high tech army and technology protecting them.

I saw the opportunity because they hire people with special skills to work on their island and there are very few people wanted to go to the place without law and crowded by world most dangerous people. But still, there are few people like me who don’t have anything else left in their life. But people working there mostly founded dead in the pacific ocean. I contacted the agent who helps people to migrate to that island.

But I was unaware that F.B.I was still tapping my calls and tailing me. When that agent come to the meeting, then the federal agency tried to bust us. But that agent was smart and not easy to capture. So he had a backup plan. We both escape with his backup plan and on the way he blindfolded me. I had a bad feeling about blindfolding. When they remove my fold, it was totally another world.

There are huge guys with big machine guns at the entrance of the island and they check me for almost everything and then they did check my digital footprint. I have never seen anything so advance. They even found deleted stuff from my phone and internet. After so many hours of clearance. They put me in the room with some mafia boss for a job interview.

He entered the room with his bodyguards. He is tall with a long beard and long hairstyle absolutely same as they are shown in movies. The classy villain. After clearing his interview finally I was allowed to enter the island. After what I saw outside of the island part of me just wanted to quit and go back to normal.


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