Sometimes I wonder how a person so educated can so tend toward violence and crime. But then I see around and understand that our system is teaching them how to be a criminal. The way our nation is working. No doubt there is too many riots and illegal activities. If you believe in bullshit they are feeding us then just go out see around and ask yourself a question.

“Is this country really developing or even becoming worse than before?”

There are been a few incidents I wanted to recognize today, few educational institutes operated by the private organizations. Who seem to be failing in educating the human. Which is basically there the first role of their existing.

First was the school in my locality who were trying to hide the rape happen inside their property to save their goodwill. They even tried to bribe the girl’s parents just to make it go away so that their reputation of being the most expensive and the disciplined convent school will be saved. Isn’t it sick the very people should teach us respect the girl and hiding anything like that would be wrong are doing themselves same thing and even somehow teaching their students how to get away with a heinous crime like rape?.

Then we wonder why our sisters and daughters are not safe outside. Because that’s what our educational institutions teaching us. How to get away with rape. One thing I never understand what the fuck will you do with your fucking reputation. If you are just producing the rapists and criminals. You should once start considering humanity rather than profits.

Thousands of rapists are still getting away with the rape and thousand of victimized girls are not coming out because we fucked up educational system teaches them to shut their mouth. Even our society is not accepting rape victims. When we are still fighting for nirbhaya case accused whether to hang them or not?.  They should have hung long ago.

There is another incident, I have seen in the university I use to visit. They are so inclined to their profits that they don’t consider in which circumstances a student is living. When the same student got depressed and took his life they do everything in their power to cover it up so that it didn’t make its way to the newspaper.

So that the parents grow their kids for 20 years to send in these private universities where they can die with frustration and depression. Have they ever think about what happened to the parents who lose their young children.  Just because of some fucking degree. Education doesn’t define us. We define education. Even the uneducated people can live happily and even became successful who hire theses degree holder.

I don’t know where these educational institutes lead us the way they are teaching us being criminal and killing the future of this country. How can you survive as a nation without the younger generation and how can you run the country with just criminals and frustrated people. Then the government wonders why there are riots and why the houses are burning all over the country.

Growing economies are not meant the country is developing its burning and hollow from inside. Globalization isn’t going to save the girls of the country. Even human right activists just fighting for asshole criminal like nirbhaya case accused . Who doesn’t even deserve to call humans? Human rights activists should fight for students who are dying and against the educational institution who abuse their power without any answerability.

Just wake up before it’s too late to save our country.

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