All the actions have their consequences and we have to live with it. The decision we take will shape the future. But the one wrong decision starts the loop of mistakes, to cover one mistake we make another mistake. Which eventually never ends, until the person lost everything he/she has. There will be only darkness and loneliness.

There was not long ago when I started my loops of mistakes of hiding my feeling from others and keep drowning in the sea my sorrow and regret. But there was hope that maybe I will come out of it at the right time. But right time don’t come you have to start living with whatever you became and accept everything you have left with.

After going through my loop all I have left in darkness. But somehow I ended up loving the darkness and loneliness which is suppose to be bad and destroying me. Because rather than humans, it is forever you just have to hold on to it.

Humans tend to betray each other and use each other according to their need. But the darkness is way better than that it will never leave you alone until unless you decide to let it go. I don’t know why people think darkness is bad. It shaped me to be someone I never thought to be.

So it is transformative and no matter it is transformed to be bad or good. Because I don’t understand who is bad or good. People with very bad intentions are mostly considered as good in society. So anyhow who give a shit about society’s judgement when we can make our own rules.

There was a time when even I was trying to come out of this darkness, but later I realize how much I changed with this darkness around me. Let’s embrace the darkness. Because if the society is labelling darkness is bad doesn’t mean we have to listen. Society even judges non-vegetarians and label them as bad and cruel. They ain’t know shit.

We all have been through the light and more of the good path it didn’t give us anything but pain, useless emotions and vulnerability. The people with vulnerability most of the time end up used and abandoned by others. So be smart and dark.


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