I was running like hell to the ending line. Because this plan was all about revenge. But for the revenge to end. There were police officers who had to die first and there was university to screw. I established the heavy network inside the university not only for drug consumption teenagers but now university students dealing drugs for money. Management had no clue about it until it was too late.

To reach the finish line and get my revenge I cooked up the great plan to finish everyone in a single attack. So the master plan had to be perfect before execution. Once I will be done with the plan there will be chaos all over.

In the first part of a plan, I had directly approached to drug dealers boss and made the direct deal with him in which I had to eliminate the drug dealer and then I will be sole in charge of the whole drug smuggling business. I arranged a meeting between new dealing students and drug dealer to cover it up from management I had organized a big festival inside university for a charitable purpose. The festival made things less complicated for a lot of big cars moving around campus.

In my second part of a plan, I tipped about this meeting to the police department especially that department who had arrested me. It was time for the big play and even police took the bait. Police believe there is a big cartel meeting inside university and management is covering up for cartel to get some handsome donations. So they were coming in with heavy artillery.

In the third part of a plan, I had taken the help of NGO and ask my so-called girlfriend to be there for the charitable festival to cover it all up. Because of her nationwide NGO and a big private university, the press was attracted for this festival.

Now all the pieces of the plan were together and its just about time. I was eagerly waiting for that day to come. I had to go shopping for myself. I arrange heavy-duty military-grade helicopters for my extraction from the scene and they were in all locations hiding for my signal. After that, the last thing I required was the weapons. So I had automatic rifles and guns.

I couldn’t able to sleep the night before the judgement day because of the killing a lot of people making be thrilled. Suddenly she woke up next to me.

“hey love, you are up early. All okay?” she asked me.

“yah love, all good just excited for the big day and I am so glad you will be there to witness it. This is gonna epic and you will remember this memorable day forever.” I replied,

“don’t be so hard on yourself it is just a festival and everything will be okay my love.” She replied

She had no idea what I was talking about. But she is gonna realise it soon. We got ready for the festival. I entered the campus with her. I was able to identify police officers working undercover inside the university. There was a huge crowd like I planned so, I gave green light to a drug dealer.

I don’t know how drug dealers are so stupid to travel in so fancy cars that police can identify them without putting any efforts at all. I arranged the meeting in one of the management conferences office. So we greeted each other in the conference room. Now over smart drug dealer was started the idiotic speech to show how optimistic he was and how this drug dealing going to change their life.

I was operating every camera inside my campus with my tablet in my hand, so I did know when exactly the police is going to breach the conference room. But before the police could have breached the conference room I ambushed the police party at the entrance of the building. I had taken them by surprise and they retaliate with firing back. I kill all except one who was going to come back with reinforcement. They were unaware who hit them.

Now the chaos was started after ambushing the police now it was the turn for the drug dealer to rest in peace. I had planted the sleeping gas in the conference room. I detonated the gas and they all were sleeping in no time. I entered the room and killed each one of them includes students with police weapons. I had planted the police and students body like it was combat.

It was time to let NGO do their work. I let someone else found all the bodies and it was chaos all over the campus within a few minutes. Media and NGO were all over the scene. Another side police sealed the university gates. Now police department was thinking its work of cartel inside the campus and even they founded the management guilty of co-conspirator in the crime. Management, NGO and media believed it was the police departments doing.

Because the time that scene had become public everyone was asking questions about the dead innocent students. No one was concerned if there were cartel or not. No one exactly knows what happened inside the campus. Through media, the whole nation was watching this chaos of the century. But it was time to wind up things before people got nosy and found something else.

It was time to poke the biggest bear in the room. In the deal with drug dealers boss, the cartel combat chopper was included to made chaos at a higher level. Cartel sent chopper with painted the name of university all over it shooting on the police officers sealing the gates.

They entered the campus and started firing back at the chopper. When the guard tried to stop them they started shooting at guard too. They were a hell of angry so they keep shooting no matter the collateral damage. It was my time to escape the situation. But one last gift was left for management. They were in the meeting hall for further strategy.

But sadly at the same time, one small bomb killed every single member of management. Then I was the highest management authority standing so they were going to come after me. it was my window to escape the chaos. I reached the nearby extraction point. Where one of the hiding choppers was waiting for me.

I flew away but when the things got under the control there were thousands of innocents dead in cross-firing and this was one of the biggest failures of all law enforcement agencies. Because of master planning, it was live all over the nation which was a spark for civil war in this nation. There were people on the roads nationwide. Students were on protest all over the nation and they were burning cars and flags.

After they invaded the university and investigated the matter soon they understand the only person from management able to make out of here alive and escaped under mysterious circumstances was me. It couldn’t be taken experts to understand it was all my big plan to fuck them all at once.

I was the sole ruler of drug mafia in the whole nation and the public enemy number one. There was a nationwide search for me. every law agency has the order to shoot at sight for me. They wanted my head on a spike. The life of a fugitive was pretty comfy with access to cartel resources. The chaos I made was pretty profitable for cartel so they were happy with my handy work. The cartel had helped me flew out of the country in no time.

But soon this matter becomes the bigger issue than I imagined. So my country officials had taken the help of federals agencies and Interpol to tracking me down and I knew that they will be at my doorstep in no time.

So once again I had taken help from the cartel and they suggested me to found the island. The island of mafia families. The non-existing place. No government have reach or authorities there and they protect each other from the outside world. So that was the last place where I can be safe in these desperate times. I quit all identities to be a ghost and started my journey to the island under the radar of all law enforcement agencies.


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