In everyone’s life, their first experience is always special whether it’s a first date, girlfriend or sex. The pleasure of the same thing keeps reducing every time we repeat it. We cannot feel the same way we felt the first time.

It was the usual morning and I was getting ready for my school. Suddenly I got a call from my girlfriend.

“Hey! I am at home alone. We can finally be alone, just come to my house.” She asked

“Shit! I am getting ready for my school and today is assignment submission.”I replied

“Okay! It’s totally upon you whether you want to fuck me or your assignment.” She replied while hanging up the call

I was just frozen for a second and start figuring out what is more important for me and pretty soon I figure out an assignment can be dealt with later but this is an opportunity I shouldn’t miss. I was gonna experience something new. But the biggest thing is to go to the pharmacy and ask for the condoms when everyone knows your family in the town.

But it was time to be a man and I was trying hard. I enter the pharmacy and the owner greet me.

“Hello, what can I do for you kid and how are you father?” He asked

My plan to ask condom was gone that second and I ended up buying Vicks candies. It took some time, but finally, I founded one small pharmacy where I can easily buy anything without questions asked. In India buying a condom is a bigger issue than buying alcohol in underage.

I took the long way to her home so that no one can follow me. The feeling of fear is beautiful the way I was scared to be caught for trespassing in her house or for bunking the school. But these risks make life more memorable and beautiful. So I park my car a few blocks away from her house.

I didn’t call her before to make it surprise for her. I rang her doorbell.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” She asked while opening the door

“I believe you gave me an open invitation, so here I am choosing you rather than a stupid assignment” I replied while pushing her back and closing the door

She smiled in a wicked way and there were some romantic gestures with her way of talking and walking which were indicating that she is ready for me. We were talking to each other from quite a long time and planning for this particular day. But when the day is here we were blank standing in front of each other.

There was a dim light in the room and we were so close feeling the warm breath and listening to the heart pumping faster than usual. We both were doing this for the first time, so someone had to start. I just pull her into my arms. I could feel the romance in the air and we were feeling little high on romance.

When you are so near to your partner other senses started to be blurred just the romantic senses are heightened. I just felt the heightened senses and started kissing her and she kisses me back. That was the moment we just lost the track of time. We took a long time to kiss and warming up each others mood.

I realize that day kissing is an art and I am fucking born artist. But here I had to give her credit too. Then things got little more intimate and we started undressing each other. Because it was time for shifting to the main course from snacks. Being naked in the arms of each other made the bonding between us more special.

After that, I lost track of everything time, date and year. I was scared about my performance, but before the day was finished my fear changes into the proud. That was very special not because of the multiple sex sessions, but because after finishing up almost all the position we were naked in the arms of each other.

We were hugged so tight and there was something triggered between us that day, which never ended even long after separation. But believe me, this story was never about my sex experience and it is not going to end here. The real story started after sex.

“Hey love, I think it is time for me to go before your family returns home,” I asked while playing with her hairs

“No please, I want to be with you, I don’t want this moment to end. Can’t we just stay like this sleeping naked in my room for forever?” She replied while kissing me

She shut my mouth with keeps kissing me, but in a few moments my fear comes true and there was the fucking doorbell rang. We just jump out of bed scared like we are fucked now. She just checks out of the window it was her brothers. That exact moment I know if they catch me they are gonna beat the hell out of me and her.

I just quickly dressed and run to her roof. There was only one way to save myself, I had to jump in the neighbour’s house and I don’t know how I got the courage and speed to just run and jump into the neighbour’s house. I just got lucky her neighbours were out of town that day so I was hiding in their home.

Now I trespassed into two rather than one house. I was hiding on the roof behind the wall texting her when her brothers are going out of the house.

“I don’t think that they are going anywhere. Even my parents are on the way and will be here soon. There is no chance you can escape from my house side. You have to find another way out.” She texted me back

I was fucked. I went all over the open areas in neighbours house to find the place from where I can climb out. After observing the house I found there is only one wall facing outside, but that was 12 feet long wall very hard to climb. But climbing that wall was the only way to escape. I took the help of everything I can find nearby and climb the wall. But after being on top of the wall I realise there is a crowd on the street.

If someone had spotted me. I could have ended in a police station for trespassing and god know with how many other charges. So now I had to wait till dark and there was a risk of house owners arriving back in town. But that was the only escaped plan I had at that moment without landed in a police station. My family started calling me because they believe I was in school. So I made some excuses for coming home late.

I was sitting there idle waiting for my opportunity and I just had thought what a wonderful first-time sex story I just experienced. There were pleasure, fear and some illegal trespassing. I started smiling, sitting alone.

In the dark somehow I again climb the wall and jump out. Suddenly one uncle just spotted me jumping out of the house. He started shouting.

“He is a thief. I just saw him climbing out of the locked house?” He was shouting while pointing out me and running toward me.

I started running and there were 3 or 4 random uncles following me. I just take off in my car and promise myself

“Never to fucking come in this neighbourhood again” But promises are meant to be broken.


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