It was a stressed year so, I decided to activate my tinder account again and want to see if there is still someone exists who is interested in me. Because these day people are not interested in me anymore. Maybe I push everyone so far that they are gone for forever. Anger change people and I was very angry and messed up. But let’s start from the beginning and let new people come in life. but this time I learned my lesson that doesn’t let anyone come so close that they can able to make you vulnerable.

Let’s not talk about that old story so back to tinder. It was Friday morning and I was laying down on the couch swiping the profiles when there is a notification that someone right-swiped me and it matched. I go through her profile. she was living nearby my town. She was a 22-year-old blonde girl, average looking with few attractive features. she is having a few similar hobbies even she too write down stuff. So she is the best to match yet.

I ignored more than 10 matches already so, this time I decide to go for her. Because I have to take the initiative and start talking to someone. But somehow I was not interested in her life just wanted to meet her and then unmatch her so, that she never contact me again. It was my first time trying someone from tinder. So we started a conversation over there and she was kinda different than other tinder matches.

I was not interested in dating someone. I don’t believe in wasting time I just go for hookups. But she was expecting the date, till the date I am asking myself why on hell I didn’t unmatch her at that very moment, because I did unmatch another for much lesser reasons. but our conversations were continued for another 2 days. Actually, she was the one who is talking all the time. I was just listening and responding. so in all those overnight conversations, she got interested in me and started asking for a meeting. but I was not in the mood to meet someone so soon. But after she insisted so much, I agreed to meet her at the nearby coffee shop.

So we decided to have a date on Sunday. This was not my style because no one can insist me to do anything but somehow she did. I was still confused rather go or not. But in the end, I went to see her. I was standing at the side of the coffee shop because I don’t want to be there at the correct time. I wanted her to wait for me. So I was intentionally standing outside of the coffee shop from where she can’t be able to spot me. After some time she entered the coffee shop and she was looking pretty the same as all the traps look like. She was holding some kind of carry bag in her hand. She was more gorgeous than pictures.

She settled on the table and start observing the environment of the shop. She was like an unstable personality. I use to hate broken hearts or unstable girls. So after 20 minutes of observations and making the judgements about her, I decided to go inside. when I entered she saw me and started waving her hand. I was like.

“seriously girl I have seen your pictures.”

I sit next to her and she smiled. I was like.

“haha, no way this will work again on me. Try on someone else.”

I didn’t smile back. Because smiles are more dangerous than a gun and I use to fall for cute smiles. I kept talking to myself in my mind and then she broke the silence.

“Hey,” she said in a polite voice with a smile on her face

“Hi” I replied

“you know I saw your pictures but you look totally different than pictures. Your pictures don’t justify your personality. I have to say you are handsome. But why you don’t smile.” She asked me

“listen I am here to have a coffee with you so there is nothing funny about having a coffee with a girl from a dating site so why should I have to smile.” I replied

“I am sorry if you felt offended but, I was just wanted to know you that’s all.” She asked again

Suddenly the attendant came for order

“what you want to have.”I asked her

“cappuccino with chocolate flavour.” she replied

“okay! One cappuccino with chocolate and one black coffee” I ordered

“yes, so we were talking about you” she asked

“listen to me, I am here for a coffee and actually not interested in talking about myself” I replied

“is this anger important while talking to me. Because if you don’t want to talk I can go.” She asked

“okay, I can control a little bit but that’s who I am in real life an angry asshole. Don’t expect me to change.” I replied,

“you have a lot of attitudes.” She asked

“I earned this attitude, now this will stay, no matter people stay or leave.” I replied,

“isn’t it girl behind this anger who breaks you and make you this way.” She asked,

“listen, you cannot intrude my personal life and no one is capable enough to break me.” I replied

I started feeling bored with her. Because she was so much interested to know me and I was not interested in sharing anything about myself. so I was in a hurry to finish my coffee so, I can run away from her.

“Okay, I can ask you one easy question. what is your name I don’t think so your parents call you devil as well and can I have your contact number.” She asked

“See the thing is right now I don’t want to disclose my name or my contact number to you so, let us keep it this way only like strangers. You can contact me on Tinder but my information will be anonymous for now.” I replied

“why are you so mysterious. That made me more curious about you. but the sad thing is I don’t know anything about you yet.” She asked

“I have nothing to disclose dear. you can tell me about yourself.” I replied

After that, I stop listening to her but she kept speaking something about herself. I was not interested. So I kept thinking why the hell I was agreed to meet her. Because I was not comfortable with her. After some time, she stops talking finally.

“can we go from here now” she finally asked the right question

“yes let’s go,” I replied without wasting time

I paid the bill and walk out of the coffee shop with her. She was continuously observing me. We started walking toward the parking.

“You actually have good dressing sense.” She said

“Thanks for the compliment,” I replied

“So its goodbye now,” she asked,

“No, let me drop you to your place,” I replied

“It’s ok I can go by cab, you don’t have to drop me especially,” she said,

“don’t worry I am going that way only come on,” I said

She was sitting next to me. I was not talking just driving. but she was speaking about how her last tinder date went wrong. when the guy was expecting the hookup and I was thinking

“I am also that type of don’t tell me stories about how you don’t like hook-ups and after today we are never gonna meet again in this life.”

We were near her apartment.

“Oh shit! I was gonna forget this. Can you stop the car .” She asked,

“what happen?” I asked while parking the car at the roadside

“I was meeting a lot of guys lately. But you are different than others. I haven’t met someone like you for a long time.” She said while coming close to me

I was hesitating because she was too close and I wasn’t wanted to do anything. Because she was damn emotional and I wanted to stay out of emotions. But suddenly she came close and kissed me. I can’t resist that So, I started kissed her back. Maybe I was too started feeling the way she was kissing me. But then we stop there.

“This is a small gift I bring for you. but I forget to give you at the coffee shop.” She said

“Are you mental why you bring a gift for me. I am not your boyfriend or husband. How dare you buy something for me.” I asked while shouting

“calm down its just a gift.” She replied

“No this is not about the gift it’s about fucking emotions and feelings. All that care, gifts and feelings are the mess. Get out of my car and fuck off. Never show me your face again” I replied again in shouting

“Please, I am sorry about that.” She said,

“Just get lost and never contact me again.” I again shout on her She was crying while walking away from the car.…………..!


It was morning and something was not right within me maybe it was the guilt starting appearing because of whatever I did yesterday making someone cry like that is an awful thing to do. But she shouldn’t have to give me a gift it was a critical mistake she did. These all thought to make me stick to the bed.

But I have work to go. so I don’t have another option. Even at work, my mind was not there. Everything was kinda fucked up and I started feeling like messed up. I had a history of serious mental illness. So I started feeling scared my guilty feelings. Because I can’t afford to end messing up things like last time.

So, I decided to go and find her. So that I can apologies for my mistake and maybe then my guilt will be gone and I can’t continue my normal life like because. The whole experiment of dating someone was proved as a very bad idea.

I went to the same place where I drop her last night to find her again. But I didn’t know the exact location of her apartment. So I had her screenshot of profile picture so I started asking about her in the locality.

Finally, one person recognized her and give me her exact apartment address so I went there to see her. But the door was locked. So I asked around about the girl living in that apartment. but no one knows her. So I tried to contact the real owner of apartment but his number too was out of service.

My visit to that place was a total disappointment. But then I remember whenever someone has to take an apartment on rent they have to submit the affidavit to the police station. I had a good influence on the local police station because of my work so I went to the police station.

I reach the police station and meet my inside contact to ask about that apartment.

“hey, I need a small favour from you. This the address of one apartment in Alok avenue and I want to find out who was living there on rent so can you check any recent affidavit submit for renting that particular apartment.” I asked my contact while giving him a sheet with address

“No problem sir. Anything for an old friend who helps us in lot much time in past. Just give me few minutes let me check the files from the archive.” He replied

“hey, I check the archive for you but there is no affidavit submitted for that apartment even from last 5 years. Are you sure there was someone living there? Because according to record that place is abandoned from last 5 years. The person who buys that place never return to take possession of the place.” He told me while checking some files

“I owe you, one man. I really appreciate your help on this matter.” I replied to him

“actually I too need your help. I am having one case to solve so I can use your skills to windup that mess so come back after finishing your work.” He asked while shaking my hand

“okay, I will be back by the evening.” I replied while walking away

It was very strange that there was no record of someone living in that place. So I went back to investigate on my own at her apartment. I broke her door and entered. I just broke the law with trespassing into someone property without permission. This is a punishable offence. But thank god I have good links inside I can walk out of this easily.

When I went inside the whole apartment was empty. But the apartment is clean like new and have few shreds of evidence of recently moving things. But the real question was how can someone empty whole apartment in single night?. Now she became the new mystery in my life and god knows how much I love the fucking mysteries.

I go through the whole apartment but there was not a single shred of evidence that was living here. So I feel that I can try to find her by police face recognition software but for that I need to settle the score and I already own them one. So I decided to help them first in their mess to make them help me.

I reach the local station and meet my contact again.

You have to understand the nature of my work to understand my settlement wit local police. I am the psychologist at the F.B.I who profile the threat and their psychological condition to identify the questionable individual before any attack even happen. I am pretty good at my work.

“hey let’s go through your mess and make it write.” I asked him

“oh you are already back so soon. Let go and talk in private.” he replied me

We move to the private room inside the station used for meeting and there was one person already inside the room.

“hey meet him he is our undercover officer, in this case, Mr adreous. He was working on the case which went wrong last night” he told me while introducing andreous

“what exactly went wrong so that you have to call me here in the station to solve it must be something big otherwise you would never involve me.” I asked him

“yes, it is something big and we want your profiling skills to profile our accused and help us to bring him in. because no one is unfamiliar with your work understanding the accused psychology to find them and track their next moves.” He replied

“That sounds serious whom we actually trying to bring in here?.” I asked him

“We are talking here about Oliviaian mafia family boss. The one and only mafia king were in the city last night for recruiting some for his business. We tried to catch him but he disappeared into thin air. We don’t have his picture or any kind of identification but just his stories. How he is involved in every single illegal activity on this planet. So it’s necessary that we seize the opportunity to bring him in before he flew out of the country.” He told me

They give me briefing about the mafia boss and how he operates all over world with his mafia family to establish a multinational corporation for illegal operations and yet no country is able to bring him to justice and not even no one able to capture picture. So its kinda impossible to catch maybe he walking next to us in crowd so it’s very complicated case for any operative.

But I made his profile with studying all of his files whole night. After helping them I asked them to help me with that girl from their facial recognition software. Because she is like obsession for me. As a psychologist I learn people and make profiles so no one is mystery for me yet. somehow she able to be mystery for me so I wanna know who is she.

Police run her face through their software and the result is unexpected she is ghost. She is not having any digital id. it’s impossible to live on earth without the electronic/digital id. So now the mystery became more complicated. According to police she doesn’t exist on earth.

Everything was normal before yesterday when I decided to go on date with her and now this left me with lot of questions in my mind. Whom answer I want but don’t know from where I will get that.

Even I myself started doubting myself am I losing my mind?

If she doesn’t exist then how her picture exists?

How her picture come on my mobile?

Is really don’t exist or someone well hidden? Most importantly why she met me?

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