She was no angel because there is no angels or demons in reality. It is just human beings fucking with each other heads with stories of angels and demons. We are the one and only here so there no hope that someone else can save us or destroy us. There are always two choices, either... Continue Reading →


I have listened this couple of times “Once you killed someone than some part of your soul also died with it” but never understand what it actually means until it exactly happens to me. After her death, even no one was blaming me rather than her parents, but my consciousness is blaming myself for the... Continue Reading →


It was so dark that I couldn’t even able to move and I was stuck there for some time. The worst thing is I don’t remember coming here. I remember her holding my hand for letting me pass another side, but she was not there that was some kind of illusion. Suddenly, somehow, by some... Continue Reading →


The story didn’t end there where I was expecting it tuned. I survived through the night to see the next morning. Maybe God wasn’t done playing with me. He was still having a few interesting plans for me. I stayed that way for a couple of weeks and still wake up every single day to... Continue Reading →


Sometimes reality is so painful that we created our own alternate reality to escape the pain from reality. But no matter how hard you run from reality it never stops hunting you and one day you have to return back in fucking painful reality. Love is having a strange pattern of messing with you whenever... Continue Reading →

Why the Transgenders are not considered as a part of the perfect world and aren’t it what made us the trans-phobic society?

Lets first understand the actual meaning of the transgender because the majority of people don’t know the meaning of transgender still contributing the trans-phobic society. There are two concepts of being recognized in society, one is gender and another is sex. The thing was simple there was male and female with the same-sex, but the... Continue Reading →


Every person has some memories which keep haunting them there entire life. It didn’t matter that memory is for a happy moment or sad. You past always remind you the best time you had and it's gone for forever and the person you use to be but lost within the time. I too have a... Continue Reading →

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